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Cancer disease often causes depression and high anxiety levels, quality of life varies
drastically, as a result the patient has difficulty in social, family, social relationships and more
wide. Keeping your thoughts focused on the fight against cancer and winning over them is
the first step towards healing. Psychological support can improve the quality of life of the patient. in
this way patients are better able to cope with the disease and as a result avoidance is created
of psychological disorders.

In Albania, as in many other countries around the world, cancer is a growing problem that needs to be addressed.
be treated with a Public Health approach. In our country there are reported 4000-4500 new cases of
cancer every year. The data available for this disease are based in part on the registry of
Oncology Center at the University Hospital Center “Mother Teresa” in Tirana, and partially from
district hospital registries and pathology services. Registered cancer percentage in
Albania (about 1,000 new cases per 100,000 population) is low compared to other countries
European, which may be due to incomplete enrollment or high percentage of young people in
Albania. Approximately 73% of Albanians or nearly three quarters of the population are less than 45 years old and
the median age is 31 – the lowest in Europe.

 Ways to handle emotions:

1-Express your feelings:
Some patients diagnosed with cancer think that when they share such feelings with others
anger or sadness, they are more likely to get rid of them. Some share their feelings
talking with friends or family, other cancer survivors, in counseling sessions
for cancer or with mental health professionals. But even if a patient does not prefer to
discuss cancer with others, may choose to put these feelings on paper.

2-Look at the positive aspects:
Sometimes it means looking at the good even in a bad time or trying to have it
hope instead of thinking badly. These patients, it is best to try to use the energies of
to them for their best and what they can do to stay as healthy as possible

3-Don’t blame yourself for cancer:
Some patients diagnosed with cancer believe that they have been affected by cancer because of some
actions that they have done or have not done in their lifetime. But cancer can affect anyone. E
it is important to find ways to rehabilitate yourself in this situation. Physical activity, meditation, etc.
There are several ways that these patients can be helped to improve when they feel anxious.

4-Be as active as possible:
Practicing a nature walk, focusing on other things can help
patients, forget about cancer even a little. Persons affected by the disease
may devote time to their passions eg woodwork, photography, reading, or they may
visit art, music, etc.

Emoc Emotional signs that can be diagnosed with cancer patients:
1) Feeling sad.
2) Feeling of emotional numbness.
3) Feeling nervous.
4) Feeling guilty.
5) Feelings of insecurity, loss of hope for life.
6) Feeling bored.
7) Lack of concentration.
8) Lack of interest in physical activity.
9) Difficulties in adapting to daily life, friends, family, etc.
10) Thoughts of committing suicide.