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The “love hormone” is called Oxytocin. This hormone is produced by the posterior lobe of the
pituitary. Oxytocin is released into the body as people approach, physically and in
social relationships, and a sense of familiarity or suspicion depending on the environment
where we are.
The oxytocin hormone is sufficiently important for women, especially during pregnancy
the process of giving birth to the womb (uterus) and during breastfeeding, since
“Orders” the body to produce the milk for the breastfeeding of the infant
In males, the ability of oxytocin to induce a sensation of it has also been reported
familiarity. Based on studies on men who were in a sentimental relationship and
were injected with a higher dose of this hormone (in the form of a spray), it was found that
oxytocin reinforces the confidence of men who are emotionally attached to a woman.

Want to boost the production of oxytocin in your body?
Here are 5 easy ways to increase your love hormone production.
Looking at each other in the eye
When you look at your partner in the eye and smile, oxytocin creates the feeling of
When sharing a hug between you, oxytocin may create the need to stay
longer embraced.
Hand-to-hand grip
The touch lowers stress hormone, cortisol, arterial tension and increases oxytocin levels.
A kiss can be initiated by the desire for privacy towards your partner and
with the “help” of dopamine, it can guide you to increase oxytocin.