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Every year October 10th marks World Mental Health Day. The purpose of this day is to
raise awareness of mental health problems. This year, special importance is given
suicide prevention.

Prevention is something we can all help individually. A brief conversation with another person can sometimes be enough to make the difference between life and death for them.

The ‘WAIT’ advice is a good way to remember how you can support another person who may have suicidal tendencies.
Wait for: Signs of worry and unexpected behavior

eg withdrawal from social life, excessive silence, nervousness, unexplained outbursts, talking about death or suicide

Repeat “Do you have suicidal thoughts?

“Asking someone to commit suicide does not encourage him or her to start thinking about him or her; it can actually help prevent it and can potentially start a life-saving conversation.

Flee, leave, and end – assure your loved one that, with help, their feelings of suicide will pass.

Meet and talk to others – encourage your loved one to seek help from a GP or health professional.

You may want to share the chart below, which summarizes our suicide prevention tips.